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Leadership courses and coaching

Non- and social profit
Leiderschapsopleidingen en coaching

Navigating leadership within a mission-oriented organisation is quite the (fun) task. As an adept leader, you influence the impact your organisation has on society greatly. You leave your mark on its mission and vision, rally your teams and other stakeholders through a compelling impact strategy and implementation plan, and make sure the organisation unleashes its full potential—both within and beyond its walls.

That’s quite a handful. And it doesn’t always come easy. You’re allowed to come up for air every once in a while, drawing inspiration and continuing your personal growth.

There are numerous ways to further develop your leadership skills:  

  • By taking action and learning along the way, through trial and error.
  • We’re here to guide you on that journey with a personalised coaching program.
  • We also offer a comprehensive array of tailored leadership training options, designed to match your experience and organisation’s scale, bolstered by a vibrant network of fellow leaders.

Coaching programmes

To be a strong leader, it’s essential to stay true to yourself. Understand your strengths and utilise them to the fullest, but also recognise your areas for improvement and surround yourself with people who complement you. Our leadership coaches are here to help.

A programme customised to fit your needs

During a free introductory chat, we delve into your needs. If there’s a connection with the leadership coach in front of you, we kick off your coaching journey. The schedule is arranged through mutual agreement, though expect around five coaching sessions within a three to six-month timeframe. We’re your road companion, providing you with exercises, standing by you during tough moments, and remaining available between sessions. We share a summary of each session, ensuring your insights, growth, and hurdles are accessible at all times.

Leadership coaching: what’s in it for you?

Our leadership coach stands by your side throughout the entire journey, unafraid to offer a challenging nudge when necessary. We refer to this as our loving kick in the ass. 

Leadership is about directing your attention to the right things. We provide gentle guidance to discover what those things are. Sometimes through theory, sometimes through real situations you encounter within your organisation, and often through practical exercises. 

We help you integrate your thoughts, emotions, and instincts, and convert them into effective leadership behaviour. The emphasis is on strong and authentic leadership—resonating throughout your entire organisation, yourself included. As a result, you make a difference in the impact your organisation creates.


Leadership courses

Tailored training programmes

We offer leadership courses tailored to your experience and organisation.

  • Courses you can take alongside leaders from other mission-driven organisations. 

  • Courses tailored to your organisation, ranging from leadership courses for board and management teams to team and organisational development. Schedule a chat and tell us all about your questions.


The S&L approach

  • We’re in it for the people you’re in it for. We’re driven by your mission, as to us, there’s nothing more important than contributing to a better world. We help you excel—for your organisation, your customers, and the planet.
  • We like to combine thought with action, so we make sure the outcomes are immediately applicable in your real-world context. We uncover patterns and challenges for you and your organisation, but we don’t let you go it alone. We’re right there by your side, accompanied by fellow participants.
  • During the programme, we serve as your circle of critical friends. We forge a robust community that supports you throughout and beyond the training, offering the occasional, loving kick in the ass. We confront you with reality, invite you to self-reflect, and point out the areas that need your attention. This is how we motivate you to step up your game.
  • Just as we believe systemic change is needed to transform the world, we look at leadership through various lenses—including a systemic perspective.
  • We slow down and delve deep, then pick up the pace again.


“Nobody said it would be easy, but we promise it will be worth it.


Interested? Based on your specific query, we assemble a consultant duo with complementary skills. Our approach:  

  • We listen attentively to your question, aiming to grasp the essence and context thoroughly.
  • We craft an initial proposal. Following feedback and co-creation, we present you with a final proposition.

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Want to know more or schedule a meeting? Have a question?