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Interim management, change management, or crisis management

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Interim management, change management, or crisis management

Looking for quick support in implementing a change or rolling out a new strategy? In need of a temporary boost of know-how and decisiveness within your leadership role, or your strategic position within a functional area? Perhaps you’re short on manpower, hindering your organisation to stay in motion and achieve its goals? Thanks to one of our interim managers, a breath of fresh air makes its way through your organisation—until you're fully up and running yourself.

An experienced leader to help you navigate your challenges

At S&L, we’ve got a mix of experts with various backgrounds and talents. Whatever issue you’re facing, we’ve got someone ready to step up and (temporarily) take on a crucial role within your organisation.

Change management 
A major change is on the horizon for your organisation, but you’re lacking the right people or knowledge to steer it effectively? We’ve got you covered. By bringing on board one of our interim managers for a period of six months to a year, you’ll find yourself on the right track in no time. 

A problem that threatens to disrupt your entire organisation calls for the expertise of a skilled interim crisis manager. Our S&L colleague quickly gets up to speed, while keeping a strategic overview. In just a matter of months, your organisation’s back on its feet and ready for whatever the future holds.

Is there a missing link within your management team? Is one of your managers taking a leave or bidding farewell? Enter one of our interim managers, tons of background knowledge and experience included. They help you keep things running smoothly while also contributing to long-term planning.

Change management: bring expertise on board

Your organisation is embarking on a significant journey of change, but lacks the knowledge or people to realise it.

How can an interim change manager be of help?

  • You’ve developed a new strategy, decided to switch up your operations or organisational setup, started crafting a new activity… In short, a major change is in the works.
  • Our change manager drives said change’s implementation across your organisation, focusing on both the outcomes and fostering strong teamwork.
  • They help you stay focused on the decisions you’ve made—and turn them into reality, one step at a time.
  • They excel at emphasising participation and conveying the changes to employees in a fitting manner. Considering your team’s ability to cope with change is a key aspect of change management, after all.
  • They coach your team and serve as a sounding board for your organisation’s management.

Crisis management by a seasoned interim manager

Your organisation is in the midst of a crisis, which can take various forms. Is it an internal crisis, where collaboration between people or departments falters and the well-being of your employees is at stake? Is it a financial crisis, stemming from a loss of revenue streams? Or is an external change threatening your organisation?

This is how our interim crisis manager operates:

  • Our crisis manager actively joins your organisation or department for a period of one to three months. They delve into the root causes of the issue and come up with solutions, in collaboration with your management, board, or team. 
  • They refine your operations from within, ensuring that the crisis solutions are integrated into your organisation’s operational framework.
  • They also guide your organisation in making the right choices for the future. 

Interim management: temporarily boosting your team’s strength

A member of your executive team has left or is about to leave, or a manager is absent for an extended period due to illness or maternity leave. Whatever the case, you’re short one manager to ensure your organisation’s continuity. An S&L interim manager can step in to temporarily fortify your management team.

What can you expect from an interim manager?

  • Solid fulfilment of the management role, centred on achieving results—including a transitional period during which our interim manager ensures a smooth takeoff for the new manager.
  • Safeguarding operational continuity, while conducting operational analyses and offering advice to the (management) team on enhancement opportunities.
  • They work part-time within your organisation, spanning from one month to a year. This way, they retain that valuable outside perspective.
  • Our interim manager helps to guide the search for the right person to permanently occupy the position. Building upon your organisation’s goals and strategy, as well as S&L’s expertise and experience, they assist in crafting the job description and managing the selection process.

More management than interim

S&L’s interim managers instil a sense of calm within your organisation and serve as a point of contact for your employees, management, and board. While we address change, crises, or shortages of managers, we analyse and optimise your organisation or department’s (financial, operational…) processes. Whether you enlist us within your management team or on the board, you remain at the helm at all times.

We identify opportunities for improvement and areas where you can enhance your efficiency. We measure, analyse, and adjust in alignment with your strategic goals. Through a coaching approach, we ensure that your team maximises its talents and capacities. Finally, we deliver focused reports to pertinent stakeholders, backed by (quantitative) monitoring, control panels, balanced scorecards, and KPI dashboards.

Otherwise put: we’re not afraid to challenge your organisation when it comes to vision and management. We build upon existing strengths and complement them with our external expertise.


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