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Time for a new business model?

Impact entrepreneurs
Tijd voor een nieuw businessmodel?
  • Is your financial model facing challenges, with your organisation requiring a dose of innovation?
  • Are you noticing trends in the market that might pose a risk, prompting the need for a suitable approach to deal with them?
  • Are you struggling to achieve your targeted growth?

The result:

  • A solid grasp on what’s (no longer) effective within your current organisation.
  • An updated business model to gradually implement and adjust as needed.

As an (impact) entrepreneur, reassessing your business model can feel quite daunting. We’re here as your companion along the way, since we firmly believe that taking a step back every once in a while contributes to healthier operations. Consistently focusing on the impact you want to (start) making keeps you on the right track and everyone on board. It’s all about balancing day-to-day operational tasks with strategic thinking.

Are external pressures building, such as critical customers or stakeholders raising questions? Are significant trends looming on the horizon, demanding your organisation to pivot? Or is there an internal need for innovation? Are you ready to make that shift and focus on sustainability across your entire organisation? Or does your model seem (financially) unfeasible, resulting in your organisation falling short of its intended impact or growth? We start by conducting an analysis together, ensuring everyone gains a shared understanding. Laying out all the puzzle pieces, we explore your current strategy and lay bare your organisation’s ecosystem.

Moving forward, we dig deep until we get to a new impact strategy—a roadmap for the years ahead, complete with an updated revenue model. We fine-tune your offerings and target groups, and take time to consider financial practicality, recurring patterns, team dynamics, structure, and culture. By cooking up various scenarios together, we make the ambiguous future more manageable.

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Want to know more or schedule a meeting? Have a question?