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Participatory leadership

Impact entrepreneurs
Participatief leiderschap
  • Feeling the urge to shift your perspective on leadership as an executive/entrepreneur?
  • Eager to develop a new leadership style that suits both you and your organisation?
  • Looking to ramp up involvement and leadership within your team?
  • Aiming for smoother decision-making with a stronger sense of consensus?

The result:

  • A fresh approach to leadership that involves every single team member.
  • A clear understanding of the team’s current leadership capabilities.

Every day, new leadership books hit the shelves, with hundreds of different schools of thought often contradicting one another. If you’re unsure about what suits you as a leader, what your organisation truly needs, and your team members’ desires, you’re not alone. And while there are common themes to extract, each situation is one of a kind.

At S&L, we kick things off by tuning into your organisation, not just theories. We tap into every individual layer, spotting those elephants in the room that often go unmentioned. We delve into personal motivations and your business strategy.

Then, we bring our know-how to the table. We serve up inspiration with a range of leadership approaches, directly addressing the challenges you’re facing. Whether it’s the path of self-managing teams, putting trust ahead of control, or diving into Deep Democracy to tap into your team’s combined smarts—we only introduce theory if it resonates with your specific situation. And we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We’re all about putting thought into action, which is why we make sure the outcome is immediately applicable in your real-world setting. We uncover patterns and challenges, and we don’t leave you to figure it out on your own—we’re right there on the sidelines during the implementation. 

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