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Enhanced positioning and go-to market

Impact entrepreneurs
Aangescherpte positionering en go to market
  • Does the outside world have difficulties grasping what you stand for?
  • Is there a need for new sales channels to boost revenue?

  • Are you struggling to reach your ideal customer?

The result:

  • A redefined narrative enables you to communicate clearly.
  • You get back on track towards the targeted external growth. 

  • You gain a fresh perspective on your marketing strategy.

Online or offline, getting your story to the right audience is no easy task. The marketing firepower of major players seems to be getting stronger, while the attention span for nuanced narratives appears to be shrinking. At S&L, we’re here to help you communicate about societal challenges and your solution as an impact entrepreneur.

To amplify your impact, you need to reach as many customers as possible. We start by delving into the story you’re getting across, who your customers are, and where they’re at. Are you utilising the right channels to reach them? Are you addressing a need that truly resonates with them? We cross-reference these insights with your impact strategy, ensuring our tactics align with your desired societal objectives.

A revamped external positioning can spark internal shifts, too. Pricing adjustments, for example, or employees shifting their focus from marketing to sales. After fine-tuning your positioning, it’s time to delve into your sales channels and your strategic approach to tackle the market. Which channels are yielding results? Which ones should be harnessed more, and are there any gaps in the lineup? Not all products or services sell equally well across all channels—do you have an accurate grasp on this? What does your intuition tell you, and is this reflected in the data? In short: we lay out all the puzzle pieces, staying involved until you regain a clear sense of direction.

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