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Developing your team and culture

Impact entrepreneurs
Developing your team and culture
  • Have you transitioned from founding an organisation to overseeing a team of coworkers?
  • Want to share what drives you as an entrepreneur with your coworkers?
  • What’s the key to establishing a culture that fits you, your coworkers, and your organisation?
  • Not sure how to assemble a team?
  • Haven’t found the right response to your team’s growing demand for growth and development?

The result:

  • Together, we identify the priorities necessary to cultivate more connection among your team members.
  • Building on connection, we outline specific actions to fulfil the essential needs of each team member.
  • A specific approach to internal culture results in more involvement and interaction among team members.  

Assembling a team and fostering its culture can seem even more challenging than shaping your business strategy, acquiring clients, or developing a new product. Culture serves as the elusive ‘glue’ that connects you, your team, and your governance. It manifests itself in the casual chats over coffee, the way in which feedback is exchanged, and the formal and informal bonds between people contributing to your organisation.

All of this comes about organically, not strategically. As your organisation grows or evolves, this culture might no longer be beneficial. It might even become counterproductive.

Developing your team involves defining roles and responsibilities, using existing team members as a starting point before assessing what’s necessary for the future.

At S&L, we help you explore your organisation’s inner landscape—through facilitating conversations and exercises, for example, enabling us to craft an approach that addresses both your and your employees’ concerns. This way, we get to a sustainable organisational culture that operates effectively in the long run, aligning with your strategic objectives.

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