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Communication and marketing strategy

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Communication and marketing strategy

You’re not reaching your customers or target audiences. Your sales are lacking. You’re struggling to convey what you do, how you do it, or why people should care about your story and buy your service or product. Your impact could be so much greater—if you could only effectively communicate your mission.

What’s in it for you?

  • A compelling, concrete marketing and communication plan.
  • Well-defined positioning and a strong brand.
  • An expert marketer to accompany you on the journey.
  • Measurable KPIs to gauge the effectiveness of your actions.
  • In a nutshell: a driving force towards more impact and sales.


Time to look at things from the vantage point of your ideal target audience or customer. Because that’s where it all starts: matching your customer’s needs with your range. Together, we analyse your product or service and make the necessary adjustments—after delving deeply into your target audience’s true needs, that is. This way, you know exactly which customer value to focus on, what sets you apart, and how to position your organisation most effectively.

We make your brand stand out, while turning everyone within your organisation into ambassadors. Strategically incorporating the right triggers into your communication, we enable you to successfully persuade your target audience and customers.


A five-step guide to creating an effective communication strategy


Step 1: Define what and who you want to reach.

  • Together, we map out your organisation’s context and pinpoint its significance for your marketing and external communication.
  • You decide on the focus of your external communication.
  • You gain insight into how to measure these objectives and track them, both online and offline.

Step 2: Get a clear picture of your customer and target audience.

  • With our assistance, you look into which of your products or services reach which specific customer groups, and extract valuable insights for the future.
  • Time to ponder a few questions, such as: who are your current customers? Who are you not reaching (yet)? Which customers do you want to target primarily going forward? And which ones do you want to avoid?
  • We explore your potential customers’ needs, ensuring they grasp and connect with what you have to offer.

Step 3: Outline your product or service.

  • Working together, we organise your products and services into clear and distinct segments.
  • We establish a hierarchy of importance: what do you want to sell first, and to whom?
  • In doing so, we never lose sight of your customers’ needs. How can we optimise their buying experience?

Step 4: Know your brand identity and image.

  • Together with you and industry experts, we craft a few suitable pitches.
  • We highlight the right products and services, tailored to the customer journey.
  • We provide proper call to actions.
  • If you wish, we coordinate the collaboration between you, your communication agency, and any freelancers. We leverage our experience to ensure you receive optimal service at a fair price.

Step 5: Turn thinking into doing with a concrete action plan.

After outlining your strategy, we put it into a tangible action plan. You get a yearly plan with KPIs, enabling you to monitor your strategy on your own. The plan tells you:

  • which communication channels and resources to prioritise
  • what your strategy and content plan for your social media should look like
  • what you should do to optimise your SEO, making it easier for your target audience to find you
  • how to utilise advertisements, both offline and online
  • how to manage your public relations

Last but not least: at your request, we also take care of your communication management and carry out your organisation’s communication action plan.

The outcome?

  • Driven by your raison d'être, you cater to the customers you genuinely wish to connect with.
  • You achieve your desired impact.
  • Your number of customers and revenue soar.

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