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Business support

Non- and social profit
Zakelijke ondersteuning
  • Is your organisation equipped with a skilled leader who could benefit from additional business support?
  • Has your financial or business director been absent?
  • Need some extra hands or expertise?

In that case, rely on our experienced S&L interim managers and experts. 

Our business support comes in various forms:

  • A consulting process aimed at developing expertise gaps and establishing a sustainable, long-term strategy.
  • Interim management to fill a position temporarily. This provides short-term reinforcement in the workplace and serves as a potent tool to propel your organisation forward within a brief timeframe.

Financial and strategic focus  

Our business support focuses on two key axes:

  • A strategic perspective
  • A financial perspective

Strategic perspective

Depending on your organisation’s needs, we focus on:

  • Refining your mission and vision, so your organisation and team(s) are aligned
  • Translating your mission and vision into concrete, strategic plans and goals
  • Making decisions and setting priorities, in order to move forward step by step
  • Connecting key players, such as the board of directors and management team
  • Analysing your ecosystem and positioning your organisation

Financial perspective

Depending on your organisation’s needs, we focus on:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of your current (and past) financial outcomes
  • Getting a grip on your organisation’s broader financial structure and context, providing you with tools to get to work in the short, medium, and long run
  • Grasping how your organisation generates income, understanding which financial, organisational, and operational implications are involved, and shaping a future revenue model that aligns with your organisation’s DNA
  • Crafting a financial strategy that enhances your organisation’s financial position and centres on the societal impact your organisation aims to achieve
  • A set of savvy measurement tools, enabling you to track and navigate your organisation’s financial position and progress
  • Hands-on support in the field, during transition and implementation, and through carrying out resourceful and effective financial policies

We’re eager to hear about your needs, so we can craft a tailored proposal.

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Want to know more or schedule a meeting? Have a question?